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Encyclopedia Rabbitica
by David L. Fisher
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A Buck for the Book

Note: please send an optional donation of $1 (or more) to the bunnies (and me) through paypal to
when you download this book.

Quick-click the dollar bill to donate at least $1 - feel free to donate more and help others, but I think this e-book is worth a buck. Actually I think (and I've been told) it's worth a lot more, but I'll let you decide. Also, I want the masses to have it, so I priced it so everyone could afford it. Even if they just copied theirs from a friend, how much you wanna bet that they'll eventually toss me and the bunnies a buck for the laughs and the learning.

Also make sure to let me know who you are so you can receive periodic updates as they become available. This book is still a work in progress, and I welcome feedback of all kinds (especially corrections, critiques, etc.)

I will most likely be updating this book a few times in the course of the next month, so check back to see if I've updated it (I'll show the date/time next to the link. Then you should check back roughly every month to see if there are other major updates. Additionally, if I publish any articles or even another book, I'll post that information here and also send emails to everyone who paid for the book and everyone whose email address I have from getting feedback about the book.

I have put a lot of effort into the articles in this book, initially based on the facts in the articles I wrote for when I was their webmaster. The contents of this book go far beyond what the dry (and now out-of-date) articles on the website offered, many articles had to be completely re-thought, and I have put a great deal of work into making this book fun to read, just as it was fun to write.

My book has also become available via the common avenues, such as and, but they won't let me charge less than $1.99 and I wanted to make this book within reach of everyone, and now, by putting it here on the honor system, I will see whether or not other people think my work is worth the dollar. This copy is a pdf (requires Adobe reader) and probably won't have the same reading experience you could have with a Kindle - I left out a few features in the pdf, but Adobe adds enough navigation that you should have a good experience viewing the book.

I hope you enjoy my book. I am hoping that donations and feedback will give me some idea of how much this work has spread.


David L. Fisher (
There is no greater joy than ending a life of suffering...
Without ending a life.

p.s. As for the honor system, y'know what? I've had people give me $5 or $10 because they wanted to share copies with some friends, and in one case a woman told me "take the other three and give them to three deserving people", and someone else send me a much nicer donation, saying "$1 for my copy and the rest for those who won't pay". I like to believe that most people are honest and righteous, and if you just want a freebie copy of my book and you enjoy reading it and you still can't see fit to toss me that dollar you're gonna waste on a lottery ticket... well... that's why I said "most people". At least you enjoyed reading it, and maybe you'll make a donation if your lottery ticket wins. :)

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Last updated: September 8, 2017

This work is copyright © 2020 David L. Fisher, all rights reserved.

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